zoo break

Zoo keeper, Briana came to work one day only to find out that all the animals have escaped out of the zoo. To add on to the melancholy not only animals have busted out of their cages but at the same time sea creature have also escaped out of their aquariums. Taking domination, now you have to help Briana in getting back all the animals back into the cage by matching 3 or more like animals. That’s what the interesting Zoo Break App is all about. Backed by creative graphics and interesting background lyrics, Zoo Break is yet another contribution from Panda Lilly Apps for their iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch gamers around the world. Zoo Break is an appealing addictive game that you can perhaps play every day without any guiltiness of wasting your time because this is a game that offers unlimited fun and exciting levels that one can never get bored of. Even if you’re playing the game whole day you won’t get bored or feel like leave-taking a level unexplored. Game in itself offers multiple playing levels and different backgrounds to chose from that every time you start playing, there is something appealing lined up for you. Its no doubt that Zoo Break gaming App is addictive and designed to provide best gaming experience, but at the same time the game is so much fun to play and you get so drawn in helping Briana to return the animals back into cage that you don’t even care about the amount of time you’re spending on the game. As you proceed along the levels, the game gets even more appealing and you get to unlock various background levels like spring background, night, summer or winter background to choose from. Interesting easy to play Zoo Break game is not really difficult and as you move up the levels it does get interesting and challenging as well. It is easy to play and people of every age group tend to enjoy this matching game where you need to make a vertical or horizontal line with 3 matching animals in order to send them back to the Zoo. There are interesting points like magic net that makes it even more interesting to play and as a bonus match helps players to send back every animal of that kind on the screen back to the Zoo. It is very addictive and interesting matching game where you can’t calculate the next possibilities because after every move, arrange falls apart into a random order but your eyes are primed to match different animals in order to send them back into Zoo. You change one thing, every thing changes in the game; every movement of the animals has a chain effect that effects the movement of others also. You cannot predict whether the move you are about to make is the best or not, nothing is assured. So it’s all about playing the best and enjoying the game. So go on and help Briana to return all the animals back to the cage.


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