ShuckIt lite

ShuckIT Lite.

Can an app really let you enjoy the culinary experience you enjoy at a fine dining restaurant or oyster bar? ShuckIT app is a unique iPhone app that lets you savor the rich experience of cooking and relishing oyster dishes. The purpose of ShuckIT is to help chefs as well as foodies enjoy oyster recipes, savor flavors and discover exotic restaurants complete with in-depth reviews.The Lite version of Shuck It includes advertisements, and does not include all features unless upgraded to the full version.

Shuck It: Comprehensive Oyster Experience

Created by renowned chef David Buchanan, ShuckIT aims to be your premier oyster guide. In a sea of iPhone food apps, ShuckIT stands out due to various features we offer exclusively to our customers.

Oyster Recipes

Oysters are the perfect seafood for taste buds as well as health reasons. We provide oyster recipes for amateurs and professional chefs. Some of our well known recipes include oyster casino, oyster fritters, oyster croquettes, fried oysters, oyster bisque, oyster soup, omelets and oyster sandwich. All the recipes are perfectly detailed with complete information about ingredients, quantities and cooking plus serving instructions. When it comes to cooking oysters, ShuckIT is more like a companion rather than just an app.

Flavor Profiles

We have a database of oyster flavors. There can be many flavors to the oysters depending on the dish. Some of the famous ones include sweet, salty for Whale Rocks, Kumamotos, Beausoleils etc. So, ShuckIt can help you classify oysters as per their taste and flavor. You simply have to choose the oyster as per your occasion.


Oyster Descriptions

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to oysters. There is a ton of information about every major type of oyster available in the market. All the facts and relevant culinary info is right here.

Restaurant Locations

There is nothing like satisfying a quick oyster urge. With restaurant locator, ShuckIt fulfills every foodie's dreams. You can quickly locate a nearby restaurant or oyster bar that serves your favorite oyster recipe and drive down.

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