rocket tiger

Rocket Tiger

Panda Lilly Apps proudly announces the launch of a yet another exciting App for a range of iPhone and iPad users. A new App, Rocket Tiger is designed to provide real gaming experience for all our mobile gaming lovers across the world. Rocket Tiger is out to offer some quality gaming experience with best graphics and sound effects that add on to offer you a great fun time. Help Tommy the Tiger to complete various missions by flying as far as possible. You need not spend hours to attain expertise over the game. It is a fun App that offers some genuinely exciting easy mode starting levels that are not too easy or very difficult. As you proceed with the levels the game gets even more exciting and addictive. The main aim of the game is to score by flying as far as possible. Main character of this interesting game is Tommy the Tiger and Tommy takes a flight with his fully customizable rocket and you have to fly as far as possible. As a break from the endless running genre games this game has a lot more to offer apart from endless flying. As the game progress, you encounter Tiger balls and successfully collecting these would confer you a surprise award. Rocket Tiger has 9 mini-games, and 1 main game, which compromises of 88 levels. Complete various challenges destroy obstacles of your path; upgrade your gear & weapons and brag to your friends on App leader board. While you take up a mission there are different obstacles that come in your way, now destroy all the obstacles that come across your way and score more. Achieve high scores and compete with your friends also on score boards. Rocket Tiger is an easy to play game that offers high level of excitement and fun filled 88 levels. When you start playing the game, you tend to get so involved that it becomes hard for you to resist the temptation of playing the game again and again as soon you manage a free moment. The App requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. With Rocket Tiger, score as much you can and fly as far possible to score high points and rewards. Destroy obstacles to increase your points that ultimately help you to upgrade your gears. As you move up the levels, it becomes difficult and obstacles coming in your way also increases and gets hard to overcome, so better upgrade your gears and destroy everything that comes in your way and fly as far as possible and complete all the 88 levels. With a lot of effort being put in to game development, this game is really easy to start with and you don’t need any Rocket Tiger cheats to help. It is designed to offer some quality gaming experience, so go ahead and enjoy your Rocket Tiger gaming.


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