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Last Planet

New iOS App from PandaLilly Apps promises a yet another exciting gaming experience with the best graphics and a great mission to accomplish. Designed for both iPhone and iPad users, Last Planet is an addictive and thrilling game that promises incredible fun and you can’t resist to play the game again and again if you played it once. Exciting mission and quality graphics with exceptional background music provides and exceptional edge that had made it surprisingly popular among the gaming community. You’re out on a mission; Planet Galactus is in a great danger. The Zodiac Crystals that are used as the main energy source of the planet are about to deplenish and to save the planet you are out on a mission to collect these crystals from other planet. Zodiac crystals form the lifeline of planet Galactus and without the Zodiac Crystals; they are unable to charge their force fields that protect the planet from comic storms. To save the planet king has sent out a special team to collect Zodiac crystals from nearby planet and now you have to collect crystals and transport them back to the space ship to save the planet Galactus. Reviewers have termed it as a terrific gaming experience that gets more and more exciting as you move on carefully collecting Zodiac crystals from foreign territory. Game gets even more exciting and difficult as you move up with the levels with an option of changing difficulty levels. The new version 1.2 comes with enhanced gaming experience and the App designers have fixed various bugs that were a problem in lower versions. HD quality mission game is out to provide you some real adventure and excitement as you move up with the levels it becomes more gripping and gets addictive. It’s not just a game about endless running, but has a lot more to offer for the ardent gamers around the world. Panda Lilly’s team of expert programmers, designers and techno-savvy individuals are always committed towards turning exciting thoughts into equally thrilling Apps for the users to enjoy. High on techno level, Panda Lilly’s Apps are always the best rated ones by the customers and techno nerds as well. Burning desire to excel and to create user friendly Apps high on technological level had always been the goal of Panda Lilly’s motivate professional team. The game is simple to start with and is aimed to provide a thrilling fun experience for people of different age groups. The game has not been designed keeping a certain section of people in mind. Anyone can play this addictive game and enjoy superior graphics and interface that game offers. As you move up the level, difficulty level rises. Once you have unlocked all the levels of a planet, its time to move on to a new planet and explore new levels to collect more and more zodiac crystals and save the planet Galactus.


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