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iPhone &iPad Options

iOS Sync

Experienced Developer


Several features to use as part of your app such as QR scanner, integrated technology, enhancing photos directly from your app, and so much more.

Sync your content across iOS devices from around the world.

With our team of experienced developers, well construct the best app alongside with support and analytics.

As an option PandaLilly Apps can help market your app for you with our marketing tools such as video promotion to help you reach a worldwide audience.


Geo-Targeting Users

Instantly target users within an area by sending push notifications.

Have the ability at any moment to send out and communicate with your users. Push notifications are free to use and can send out targeted information within a mile radius around a location in the world. Push notifications are a great way as a source of advertising since you’ll have the ability to target consumes relevant to where they are.



Be up to date with how your App is doing.

Received advanced reporting on your app pertaining to how many downloads you’ve received, stats on your app’s performance, in-app sales, and much more.


Syncing Your Content

Your social feeds simplified.

All of your social feeds from social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Foursqaure can all be sync to your App automatically.


Marketing Your App

Push Notifications

Target specific areas with push notifications that are sent instantly to users.

Marketing Videos

As an option, our team can create exceptional videos as a way to help advertise your app.

In App Promos

Easily promote certain events or advertisements within your app.Sponsorship.


Feature sponsors directly in your app, and choose where and when the information will be displayed.

User Feedback

Get the option of receiving feedback from users worldwide.

Detailed Statistics

Up to date statistics on who’s using your app and the number of downloads per day.

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