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Cranky Clam

Adding to a list of interesting mobile gaming Apps, Panda Lilly Apps bring out yet another exciting mobile gaming experience in the form of Cranky Clam App. Easy to play, this is a game that can keep you engaged whole day. Interesting gaming is something that no one can resist and Cranky Calm is an addictive app that you can easily play whole day long without getting bored for a single second. It’s an easy to play game that involves the gamer more and more over the levels and as you proceed on, as you move up the levels the game begins to get tough and even more addictive. Game is not difficult to play and as a beginner you have to pass all the levels using the least amount of pearl bombs to blow up the sea urchins. Moving up the levels you have to pass through various hurdles keeping in mind that as you move up there will be a rise in the number of sea urchins. It is a really interesting game that gets more and more involving as you start moving up the levels. With creative graphics and great background music, Cranky Calm is a really involving game that once you start playing, would be difficult for anyone to resist. Designed for both iPhone and iPad users, it requires iOS 4.3 or later. The game is a great fun to play and everyone enjoys playing this cute game; especially children really enjoy playing the game. Graphics, background and concept of the game is really appealing for the children. The art is very simplistic and various fun levels that you wished would have been even longer and more in number as you clear them up. You need to finish all the levels using least number of pearl bombs that you can use to blow up sea urchins. Figure out various ways to pass through different levels and save yourself from sea urchins with the use of least number of pearl bombs. It is simple, easy and fun to play that is designed for people of all age groups. Anyone can play this game easily and you don’t need to put in any skills or extra cheat codes to enjoy this game. It is an interesting game to play and a great time pass. With our beautiful graphics and simple style, game is designed to give you a real gaming experience and gaming screen is designed in such a way that it gives you a real experience as if you were present there right there inside the water. Game is really addictive and a great fun, so go ahead and start playing now.


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