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Pho Secret's App

You may have noticed Vietnamese restaurant popping up with the phrase “Pho” in their name. So what is Pho? Pho is a dish delicacy originating from Vietnam. It’s such a popular dish that nowadays Pho restaurants are everywhere in the United States.

WWhat Is The Pho Secret’s App?

Some may argue there is no definitive method to prepare this delicacy. However, pho secret’s app has reduced the complexity in this issue. This application, developed by PandaLilly App Inc. has all the information you need to know about how to make Pho in the comfort of your home. The app features all the flavor profiles and other related family recipes of Pho. The app also provides an in-app camera to take photos of your dish and share it with other people on the Pho Secret's App Facebook wall. By sharing the recipe and photos, everybody can be able to rate and comment about it as you share the experience.

The main purpose of this application is to induce people to purchase charity T-shirts. It’s not a marketing scheme but a way to promote community awarenessfor poor families in Vietnam. These T-shirts build curiosity, which can spreads across communities when people wear them. All the profits gained from this app are donated to an organization known as Catalyst Foundation. The link to their official website is


Requirements for this app

The app is categorized under food and drink and it’s designed to use English language. It is compatible with iPhone, iPhone touch and iPad. It requires iOS 4.3 or newer operating software. The application is also optimized for iPhone 5. PandaLillyApps Inc. have again shown their expertise in app development as well as their ability to promote community building in developing this app.

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