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Aquarium I.D APP


Aquarium I.D. will provide you with detailed information on marine life beginning with its origin, common names, compatibility, diets, and temperament of each species, to how to maintain them in a home aquarium. Everything you need to learn is just a click away with this app. Have Aquarium I.D. be a part of your resources on maintaining aquatic marine life in your home.


This app has been specifically designed for those who already own, or those who want to start in the hobby. It is made seamless for people who want to learn and identify more about marine species on the go, or even be able to identify species of fishes, inverts, or corals while at aquariums, or in exotic places such as Mexico or Hawaii Aquarium I.D also touches on various care fundamentals, which are important in making sure that fishes sustain a long life. These fundamentals include:

  • » Aquarium lighting
  • » Water chemistry
  • » Breeding live fish flood
  • » Proper feeding
  • » How to construct a sump
  • » Filtration
  • » Nuisance like diatoms, algae, slime, aiptasiaetc
  • » Built in calendar
  • » Local fish store finder
  • » Convertor
  • » Built in camera to share your photos with our online community

In addition, the app includes how-to-videos as well as pictures of fishes, corals, and invertebrates.



Aquarium I.D. is a fantastic app for those who are hobbyist in this field, or those who would like to start up their own saltwater tank. Aquarium I.D. also enables users to engage with other saltwater hobbyist through our online community and social network. This app includes everything one needs to know on identifying species of marine life, and how to keep and maintain a thriving tank. The team at PandaLilly App Inc. has put in a lot of effort to make this app the best it can be making it affordable for everyone to have. We have taken much consideration of users feedback and have optimized this app to perform even better than before. Aquarium I.D. can be downloaded on the Apple App store or Google Play store and is available in various languages as well. Download Aquarium I.D. today and use this tool to help identify species on the go, start up, or maintain your saltwater tank.

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